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Implementing market-driven e-commerce logistics handling

e-Commerce shipments manifest themselves as a small shipment to a consolidation with thousands of pieces. The breakdown process is traditionally manual and tedious with error counts in piece and weight totals frustrating almost all major ground handling companies. With WMS-RFAS we seek to ease this burdensome and expensive process. With source tagging at the Origin warehouse, forwarders can improve the traceability by tracing 100% of the tagged volume with a single RF scan lasting 2 seconds - compared to the old optical barcode scanners prevalent everywhere.

Moving right along with Watson Supply Chain

While Watson AI from IBM has been in the news, Watson Supply Chain has attracted the attention of a number of large Supply Chain specialists - and in our case, we got deep down into the DNA of the AI framework now. We will be demonstrating a fully integrated model from Manufacturer Manufacturer Dock Doors to Distributor, Origin Forwarder, Shipper, Carrier, Receiving Forwarder to to Customer Warehouse to Retail Shelf. It's now beyond concept and into the Supply Chain proving grounds.

Can Forwarder's use Payments by Amazon?

With e-commerce transactions soaring, Forwarder's importing seasonal e-commerce shipments having been seeing purchases now being completed by Amazon Payments. The inevitable could happen - Why not pay import fees if you already have an Amazon Pay account?

Pre-paid Master Accounts in ShelfEnroll V1.

ShelfEnroll v1 supported a robust yet simple Pre-Paid Account for forwarders. This enabled a secure verification of Import Fee payments by the Handling Company, and forwarders have been using this facility to immediately Schedule & Pay Import Fees and Storage Charges. This facility is still available in ShelfEnroll but now automated import fee payments are fully supported for regular shipments expected by Forwarders.

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