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Our focus has been on the Digital Transformation of existing processes using advanced software engineering concepts, AI models and IoT components.


With several new features added into Dock Enroll Version 3, Forwarders and Ground Handlers can take advantage of some of the most advanced technology available in the Aviation Services domain - From Master Account ACH payments to dynamic arrival notifications of individual shipments to advanced tracking and location services inside the warehouse for real-time inventory visibility

Continuous Innovation at the Forefront

Digital Transformation enablers for Ground Handling Services

For Supply Chain transformations with integrated digital BlockChain frameworks, we have begun the journey to enable end-to-end shipment verification with RFAS supported sensor technology for the Air and Sea Cargo Handling industry.

Our fabric of sensors for BlockChain verification transactions can now be implemented for all automatic verifications in handling processes.

Logistics 4.0 and Supply Chain Networks for Air Cargo

Enabling the Digital Supply Chain

As the transportation industry gears up to be a full participant in Industry 4.0 initiatives adopted by leading manufacturers, we consider ourselves to be key enablers in autonomous verification and notification - a key factor in competitive trade networks.

We have also pioneered the use of dynamic sensor-assisted messaging to complement industry standard handling messages, thereby enabling micro-payments, point-to-point arrival notifications, digital tracking and tracing and instant reporting at an unprecedented velocity for Cargo Control Operations

Dock Enroll Ver 1.0 Pay, Schedule, and Pickup 2005

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Dock Enroll Version 2.0 AMS Integration with CBP Clearances 2005

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Dock Enroll Version 2.5 Scheduling, Pay by Master/House, Automated W/H Transfers 2008

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Dock Enroll ver 2.8 Quick Pay, Other Handling Fees, XML Web Services 2013

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Dock enroll Ver 3.0 ACH/Master Account, Credit Card Payments, RFID Tracking and Tracing 2017

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10% Complete (warning)
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Why Dock Enroll?

Both Ground Handling Companies and Forwarders can experience the benefit of immediate ROI on a Dock Enroll subscription. The link between the two through Dock Enroll becomes a trusted and secure communication channel on day 1 of the sign up.
Your ground handling team is supported by a team of professionals that have been trained in Cargo Handling Operations and Messaging.img
Our secure Cloud based servers can integrate with several Handling Systems with the ability to customize and parse diverse messages from IATA CIMP, CXML and proprietary protocols

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Dock Enroll V3 releasing June 30 2018.
Introducing ACH, and eCheck payments Manager Dock Enroll Payments
Dynamic Dock Door Optimization with Slot Management for congested Hubs - now in V3
Mark Johnson, Manager Lightning Logistics

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